Staging is not decorating.
Staging is about depersonalizing, neutralizing and declutter your home to prepare it for the potential buyer.

Interior Design is different by personalizing your home for your unique taste and style.


I am an experienced, profesional Interior Decorator educated from New York Institute of Art and Design graduated with the prestigious Design Excellence Award and a with a license in Residential Interior Design Qualification Certification (RIDQC).

I am also Certified as a Professional Home Stager, accredited by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) and have trained closely with Wanda Colón, the host of the award winning HGTV’s television series “Home Sold” and TLC’s “Home Made Simple”.

I have over 10 years of design experience from Denmark, Massachusetts and California.

Your budget will be respected.

Be honest and realistic about finances for the best results.

“We don’t blow your budget. The number we’re given is the number we use, and we’re respectful that our clients want to stay within a certain range. We will make the most of your budget”

We talk to you about your expectations and what you have to spend.

We talk about ways to save and where to splurge. We also have to keep in mind labor (painters, etc.), tax, shipping and delivery fees etc.

If you have a small budget, we’ll recommend a two- or four-hour consultation.

Scandinavian Home Staging can help you with any type or size of project. Whether you need to decorate your first home, redesign your second home or start with one room, we can help you conceptualize, visualize and realize your dream.
Scandinavian Home Staging offer online interior design services and packages regardless of your location or budget.

This design experience is a do-it-yourself decorating solution that provides you with a master plan for creating a professionally designed space or entire home that you can implement at your own pace.

It’s an affordable alternative to the traditional way of hiring us for a full range of services since everything is delivered right to you via email.

You provide us with your room sizes, photos, budget and we will custom design your personal digital Inspiration Boards full of exciting suggestions for your project.

The process is easy, so let’s begin the on-line design journey!

Our on-line Design Service includes:

•CONCEPT BOARD(S) with images of all furniture, lighting and décor.

•PRODUCT PURCHASE LIST- all local and online resources that are selected for you.

•FLOOR PLAN to Scale (Optional) -includes all furniture and lighting placements.

•ROOM GUIDE- detailed guidelines on implementing your new design.

I am a true Scandinavian with a strong love of the functional, clean and open Nordic look.

I love to use natural materials and my style combines contemporary and modern with the midcentury style.

A young style that matches perfect for the family with kids.

I combine functionality, comfort and a minimal number of accessories with gentleness and clarity of the shapes of lines.

Characteristic of my style are the simple, functional shapes, light coloured wood, simplistic decor, effective spatial planning, warm colors and nuances – which all compensate the lack of warmth and light in the Scandinavian climate.

The most essential rule in the Scandinavian style is whiteness.
The walls, ceilings, even the floor and textile elements are very often predominantly white. The white color is used as the background for delicate color nuances. Everyone who chooses the Scandinavian style will have a light and open interior. It is perfect for rooms with tall ceilings, large windows and hardwood floors.

One of the Scandinavian style’s key points is lighting, the brighter it is – the better. We emphasize natural light!

When I design I can’t help using some elements from my Scandinavian roots.

YES! I am born and raised in Denmark – The little, happy country known world wide for its design and quality!
Scandinavian Home Staging will always add some true Scandinavian look to our work – we can’t help it!
Home staging is preparing a private home for a sale in the real estate marketplace or for rental through Airbnb.

The goal of staging is to make the home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, for a more swiftly sale – for more money!

Staging techniques focuses on improving a property’s appeal by neutralizing it and transforming it into a warm and welcoming, attractive home – that anyone can see themselves living in.

Staging is always less than a price reduction and is always tailored to your budget, timeframe and sales goals.

The price of a home staging varies depending on the size of your home, the number of rooms and other factors like is your home vacant or occupied.


We will come to your home and determine your style preferences and assess the project.

We can follow up with a detailed staging report; a custom made room-by-room, easy-to-follow list with all the information needed for you to pick and choose or if you want to stage the property yourself.

If you choose us to help out, a quote is then forwarded to you for your approval.

Once you decide to move forward with the project, we obtain a signed contract and credit card details for payment.

We will schedule a time prior to installation to view and take measurements of the proposed project area(s) and then a furniture list is compiled.

Final selection is made at our warehouse for install day.

The install can take up to a few days.

This is definitely the hardest thing to do because most people are emotionally attached to everything in the house.
If you are serious about staging your home, all clutter must go.

If we are staging your home while you still live in it, you may even have to utilizing offsite storage (or a relatives garage) temporarily.
You will very often have to pack up more that 50% percent of your home!

Each staging takes a different amount of time based on square footage, and access to the home. But most homes can be staged in a day or two.
We know exactly what is needed when you choose to rent out your home through Airbnb – from furniture, accessories, kitchen appliance – outdoor and indoor incl. lists etc.

We can help you prepare your home completely for a successful rental home!

We own a big selection of furniture, accessories and artwork!
And very often we will choose to buy that special piece we need to showcase just your home.
Unfortunate not everybody like (other peoples) pets – or pet odors! And a lot of people have allergies.
It might be worth considering having your beloved pet in care at a family member or a neighbor when showing your house for sale.
Yes, we have many different types of subcontractors that we work with on a regular basis and can highly recommend.
From carpet- or wallpaper installation, handymen and landscapers to professional cleaners, moving and storage.

We are always happy to work with your builder, general contractor or any other contractor you would like to work with.

Scandinavian Home Staging operates mostly in Silicon Valley counting cities as:
San Jose (with its many districts and neighborhoods, such as Almaden Valley, Cambrian Park, Blossom Valley and others) Saratoga , Monte Sereno, Campbell, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Milpitas, plus, in the south county, Morgan Hill, and Gilroy.
Yes, Scandinavian Home Staging mainly operate in Silicon Valley, but if you want our style and live outside this area I can help you with our on-line services instead.
Scandinavian Home Staging strive for customer satisfaction and thrive on attention to every details in all the work we do.
We always keep up with current trends and products.
We work flexible hours to match our clients schedule and we use quality products that will last. We are an experienced staging team that produces proven results we are sure you will love!

Scandinavian Home Staging is your premier choice for an easy, minimal Scandinavian style – representing the warm and welcoming home.

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